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Melissa Amaya
Skyline High School - Gold Medallion Award Recipient
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LOFT Institute

 The LOFT Institute focuses on preparation, mentoring, engagement and recruitment, networking, public speaking, training, certifications, and measurement. The two tracks for the LOFT Institute are leadership and an industry-tailored focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) business and finance, green, retail, law, research, communications, education, entertainment, and others. The one-day leadership or industry-specific trainings take place for three targeted audiences: high school, college and grad school, and young professionals. More than 30 trainings take place year-round across America (see timeline). The trainings are commissioned by Fortune 500 companies or government agencies, or by the LOFT members. 

There is also focus on important issues such as financial literacy, healthy lifestyles, and the environment among others. The LOFT Mentors program is designed to offset the lack of access to guidance for Latinos and increase the high school and college graduation rates as well as encourage community involvement and facilitate success in the workforce. This "near peer" model also hosts a Speakers Bureau, which is youth-led.